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Space for Rent: The White Savior in Video Games

Tweet of the Day: In Humility and Privilege ——– Yes, I just noticed this trend. What trend am I talking about? The White Savior trend in video games where in a white male hero swoops in  and saves the day. Now, the easy and lazy explanation for this phenomenon is that most game designers are […]

Weekend Roundup: April 21-27

  Tweet of the Day: The Littlest PA: A Story of a Middle Child ——- Good news everybody! Ahem, I am now the newest contributor to Koobismo.com ( link to first article here ) a game fan sight made by fans and game designers alike. I sent a couple of game related re-prints to them […]

Lessons from the Aether: Sandbox Games and Populating Your Worlds

Tweet of the Day: Gettin’ Nerdy With It: RPGs ——– The lowly spear carrier. It is a staple of story telling from time immemorial. Somebody must deliver the news that the king is dead or simply stand around while the heroes do the hero thing. In movies  they are the extras in crowd scenes which […]

Lessons from the Aether: Half-Life and Why Less is More

Tweet of the Day: A Window Seat ——– Last week I wrote about Half-Life the game and how it sets up the perfect transition scene. But the game also is good about using its writing, even though you spend about 80% of the time in silence with only the noise of gunfire, alien invaders and […]

Mass Effect 3: The End of an Era

Tweet of the Day: Brave: A Rave, Plus A Question and a Picture ——- So this is the end of Mass Effect. Not just of the last game, but of the trilogy as a whole. Right now, I am of two minds. I am not wholly satisfied with the so called Extended Cut but at […]