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TV Tropes Monday: Character Witness

  Tweet of the Day: Lilac and NaNoWriMo Prep ——- The Hero helps a hapless bystander background-character type early in the story. Then when said Hero needs help guess who come up from out of nowhere: the Character Witness. The trope serves three functions: Show the Hero/Protagonist altruism Foreshadows a future event Allows the Hero/Protagonist […]

Lessons from the Aether: Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Writing Mystery

Tweet of the Day: The Nanny State Gone Wild in the UK ——- Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to the game Deus Ex, a cyberpunk first person shooter released in the year 2000. Like its predecessor, it deals with a vast conspiracy to control humanity’s future, in this case, the central question is […]