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Kingmaker: The Von Klaus Family

    Tweet of the Day: A Price of Game Journalism ——– Family and Acquaintances of Atreus von Klaus my current character. Roul von Klaus (Human Male NG/Commoner/Lawyer): Roul fled the initial onslaught of the Horned Society upon his homeland of the Shields Lands. He found refuge in the Free City of Greyhawk, along side […]

Random Quotes from Unwritten Books

  Mercy? You can’t ask for something you’re unwilling to give. There is always a price to pay. Question is, who will pay it. The things we do to protect the body scar the soul. There is no love in lust without trust. Death is Life’s exclamation point.  

Weekend Rounup: April 7th-13th

  Tweet of the Day: Crashing the Party: Women in SF and Fantasy Month ——- I screwed up again! Another week full of filler. Truth be told, I’m juggling several projects (to be announce later). That means less brain space for the blog. A shame to since I really want to get back to WWW. […]

A Filler Post: Facts About Garrus Vakarian

Tweet of the Day: Where’d You Get That Black Hat? ——– Yes, this is a filler post. Yes, it is about Mass Effect. Yes, I “borrowed” the idea from somebody at deviantArt, who borrowed it from the Internet at large. Yes, I am a fanboy. 😦 No, I don’t have any shame, because I don’t […]

NaNo 2010

The countdown to NaNo 2010 has begun, but I’m afraid I’m not going to participate this year.  Already writing a book, and have two others in the revision/revising/querying stage so I have very little mental energy left over for NaNo (which requires a lot of said energy). Are you up for NaNo 2010? ——–

Poor Ronikins!

Another Harry Potter post. Oi! This time another member of the Weasley family, Ronald Bilius Weasley. Hence the title. (OBLIGATORY SPOILER WARNING) Least loved, always, by the mother who craved a daughter… Least loved, now, by the girl who prefers your friend… Second best, always, eternally overshadowed…” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Poor Ron, […]

New Ear Worm of the Week

This one is ancient, people! Nineteen-Eighties ancient. So last century, wait, no millennium. The era when the music video was king and MTV was its palace, nay, temple, for music video was GOD! That meant a lot of video editing tricks (if your epileptic, sorry!) The hair? Not bad for the 80’s but what’s up […]

Because you asked

You did, didn’t you? Oh well. Anyway…. I watched Half Blood Prince again last Wednesday. As good the second time around, if not better. Yeah, I wished Fleur had been there, and Bill and the Battle of Hogwarts and maybe a few sunlight days thrown in for good measure (20 House points if you know […]