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September Seasonal Blog Chain: Life in the Fall

One of two post today. For those following a certain meme, that post should be up shortly. For everyone else I like to kick off the AW’s September Season Blog Chain. The aim of a blog chain is twofold: a) Have fun b) Discover new blogs This means that a true chain blogger reads and […]

October Blog Chain: Ends and Beginnings

Well I’m up, #10 on this month AW Blogchain. The theme is Fall, the challenge write anything related to the season. Freshhell wrote about the transition from Summer to Fall. I decided to write a short story set in the Fall. I hope that you like it and after you’re done please cruise by aimelane’s […]

Of Anxieties, Frustrations and Self Imposed Deadlines

Another month, another blogroll. Welcome fellow scribes and members of the AW Forums to my humble site. Before we begin, here are the rules of this thing we call a blogroll (paraphrased from the original): The first person (in this case, me) just makes a post on their blog. The person following (Unfocused Me) will […]