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A Hook to Hang My Query On (Or Hang Myself With)

Like Ahab searching for the White Whale, my obsessive quest for the perfect hook has turned my mind into mush. I think that explains the picture above. I really don’t know. I spent the last couple of days writing possible hooks.  I have a few that are respectable (I think) but no way of knowing […]

What if I had made that movie?

Summer movie season is nearly upon us and that means that means a long parade of explosions, insane FX and some acting thrown in for good measure. All in good fun. On my list of fluffy entertainment to see this summer includes such flicks as the re- imagined J.J. Adams version of  Start Trek  and […]

Isn’t it ironic….

2008 started with the specter of unfinished goals and family illness. I found out that my dad had cancer. I confronted his mortality head on and in doing so confronted my own. Faced with death, I chose to live, to deal, to move on. And so I started putting words together in this blog. Day […]