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TV Tropes Monday: Expospeak Gag

  Tweet of the Day: Kittens, Just Kittens Today we will write about a literary device commonly employed in media, such as, but not limited to, movies, television, books and video games. This literary device serves to explain to the audience a key feature of the setting construction, such as the inner workings of said […]

TV Tropes Monday: Enemy Chatter

  Tweet of the Day: WeWriWa- Oh, Brother! ——- Enemy Chatter is another trope ripped from modern video games. As the name implies, it is the chatter or talk between enemies whether they are engaged in combat or not, often the latter. This is nothing new, as movies and TV have been doing this for […]

World Building Wednesday: For Your Eyes Only

Tweet of the Day: There’s a Story Here Somewhere: Inspirational Stories from Flickr ——- Last week I wrote the following: One interesting thing about game books is that they tend to have areas meant to be read by all the players involved, while certain materials are meant for the Game Master’s eyes only. This might […]