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Space for Rent: The Past is Prologue

  These words were not uttered by Steven Bannon, but the fact that the American media and public cowered in fear while they were uttered led to our current situation. We were warned that trading liberty for security was a dangerous precedent. We were told that the machine of State engorged itself on the life’s […]

TV Tropes Monday: Hegemonic Empire

  Tweet of the Day: The Adult Appeal in Young Adult  The Hegemonic Empire is one that rules indirectly, through what many call, “Soft Power“. There are three reasons why an empire might chose to rule this way: Cultural/Historical: The empire rose from rebellion from another empire or has as guiding principles the ideas of […]

TV Tropes Monday: The Quisling

Tweet of the Day: The Carpenter ——- The Quisling is not just a traitor to the cause (whatever cause that may be), he does not merely collaborate with the enemy, but serves as their puppet in ruling the nation. The Quisling is usual the local “face” of the occupation, someone of authority among the locals, […]

TV Tropes Monday: Standard Evil Empire Hierarchy

  Tweet of the Day: Call for Submissions: Issue 5 of Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly ——– To quote the tropes page: Running The Empire is hard work. No Dark Lord, no matter how powerful and feared, can manage everything on his own and a military-style hierarchy is usually the best of delegating tasks to the various […]

Space for Rent: By Any Other Name

    There is a lot of hand wringing about the current situation in Iraq: who is at fault, who lied, who said the truth, and what if anything will the U.S. government will do about it. But even among the most savvy observers of the situation, the most liberal of minds, the root cause […]

Wizard’s World War (s.3)-Dispatch 20: Q Ships

Tweet of the Day: These Four Walls: The Next Chapter ——— ——— Season 1 & 2 – Season 3 Premiere – Dispatch 19d – Dispatch 21 ——— Aboard the Container Vessel Estrella de Mar, 50 kilometers south of O’ahu, State of Hawaii, U.S., August 21, 06:27 hrs, GMT -10 The captain hurried down the rope […]

TV Tropes Monday: Steampunk

Tweet of the Day: The Teutonic Order and the Baltic States ——- Steampunk trends in the opposite direction to Cyberpunk in the scale of idealism versus cynicism. It recalls a time of boundless promise where steam power stretched rails across continents and steamers reached the farthest oceans. It thrives on the aesthetics of gears, steam […]