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TV Tropes Monday: Earth That Used to Be Better

  Tweet of the Day: Reconsider the Party?  There is one question that always comes to my mind when I’m reading sci-fi set on distant worlds and centuries in the future? Where on Earth is, well, Earth? Why? Because Earth, our beautiful blue/green jewel in the eternal night of space is our home and where […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 8 (c.2): Crossroads

  Tweet of the Day: Lying Liars Who Lie ——- …Randa…. I’m here… The snow drifts silently past the log cabin’s window. Wood crackles in the fireplace. Miranda’s black dress sparkles  in the firelight. “Never had a White Christmas before,” I say. The window reflects her radiant smile. “Hey, sorry we are late,” Jacob Taylor […]

TV Tropes Monday: Planet Terra

Tweet of the Day:  On Writing- Point of View ——- Planets in science fiction get fanciful names ripped from lore and legend. But what about our own little blue marble floating in space? Well, it has a name, of course, but it seems rather…plain. Not to mention rather inaccurate to boot with all that seawater […]


Tweet of the Day: Fiddler’s Hill ——– This a superhero origins story loosely based on the DC Comics RPG story a friend of mine is putting together for our gaming group. Some of you might not get some of the references, after all the DC Comic universe is far more than Batman/Superman. Then again, never […]

Mass Effect After Earth Chronicles: The Dream

Tweet of the Day: Where’s Your Gods Now? ——– The Dream, always the same. Sometimes I dream it often, Sometimes I forget, But It always comes back, Always the same… A Beam that shatters bedrock, A Wail that pierces eardrums, A Smell that fills nostrils, Always the same… My love Helena waving goodbye, Happy face, […]