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Weekend Roundup: May 15-21

Tweet of the Day: Rapture Reading Suggestions ——- So what happened last week? Sun- The Sunday Tweet dealt with sparkly vamps, ponies (OMGPONIES!!!!!111!!!) and David Mitchell. Mon- TV Tropes Monday brought to you by the letter Z for Zeerust (not the Z-Word). What happens when your sci-fi ideas get stale? Zeerust happens. Tue- Continuing our […]

Wizard’s World War: Dispatch 4-Road Trip

Tweet of the Day: In Memoriam ——- Intro – Dispatches – 1 – 2 –3 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 ——- I-96 West. MI, July 8 6:05 a.m. I pulled over to the shoulder. The state trooper sauntered over from his car to the driver side window. “Driver’s license and registration.” I […]

Weekend Roundup: April 3-9

Tweet of the Day: Magical Thinking ——- Busy week and I see by the site stats that the readership has gone up, except on Friday, a lot of folks had better things to do on Friday. I should stop that, according to writer’s blog experts, moaning about people not reading your blog is a big […]

Weekend Roundup: March 26-April 2

Tweet of the Day: Unexpected Successor ——– So what happened this week? Sun- A Famous Little Tune: What you didn’t know about that song you sing once a year. Mon- TV Tropes: Overranked Soldier or I can’t believe they gave that idiot a promotion! Tue- Urban Fantasy: Magic vs. Technology or why my MP3 doesn’t […]

I am an…Anglophile.

    Yeah, I admit it. I admit that I’m: An Anglophile is a person who is fond of English culture. In some cases, anglophilia represents an individual’s appreciation of English history. Alongside anglophiles who are attracted to ‘traditional’ English culture (e.g. Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Dr. Johnson, Gilbert and Sullivan), there are also anglophiles who […]

Chapter 1: The End of the Begining

Well, so far so good. The first chapter is done, more or less. The project is going better than expected, although I haven’t necessarily kept my promise to write something every day. But so far the story is progressing rather nicely. We have the main characters, a setting of sorts, (will have to re-write that […]