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TV Tropes Monday: All There in the Manual

Tweet of the Day: Time Travel and Wormholes: Physicist Kip Thorne’s Wildest Theories ——- When video games took off, they had severe limitations when it came to storage media. Cartridges, floppy disks, and tapes could only hold data measured in the kilobytes, maybe a megabyte or two if you were lucky. There was no space […]

Mass Effect 3: Conversations DLC

Tweet of the Day: Book Review: Let the Right One In ——- (SPOILERS OF THE MASS EFFECT SERIES) This is the last of the “bridging” stories/DLCs (Downloadable Content) ——- Normandy SR-2, Port Observation Deck, Space Dock 1, Arcturus Station Ash took another sip from her glass. A synth heavy pop song from Illumiun played in […]