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TV Tropes: Affably Evil/Faux Affably Evil

Tweet of the Day: Smuggler’s Rest ——– A villain being nice? Kind of runs contrary to what a villain is supposed to be. Villains are supposed to be treacherous, murderous, sadistic bastards, not help little old ladies with their groceries. Yet this lot is willing to conquer the world, kick dogs, and torture millions in […]

TV Tropes Monday: Men Use Violence, Women Use Communication

  Tweet of the Day: More on the Grump ——- This  trope is predicated on the idea of Male Strength and Female Weakness that I have discussed in this blog before.  In this instance males resort to direct action/violence while women rely on indirect methods like diplomacy. Often subverted by creating a story where women […]

TV Tropes Monday: Combat, Diplomacy, Stealth

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 8.11: Abnormal Psychology ——- This trope is a conflict resolution trope. A character is given a choice between fighting, talking or sneaking past obstacles. This trope is not limited to video games. It also applies to any narrative. Most stories will have a pre-set mode, combat for war stories, […]