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May 2013 Blog Chain: Wrong Place, Right Time

Tweet of the Day: Why Your Novel May Not Be Historical Fiction After All ——– You knew this was coming, so brace yourself for another Blog Chain brought to you by the folks of Absolute Write Forums: Starting Date: Friday May 3, 2013 Open to all forum members, even after it starts! This month’s prompt: […]

Lessons from the Aether: Soap Operas

Tweet of the Day: 5 Signs You Might Be a Windbag ——- Or a Guide to How Not To Write…Anything! The long time reader of this blog may have detected a certain…disdain for soap operas.  The reasons for the disdain match those for why you should never write like a soap opera: Shallow Characters: If […]

Genre as Argument

Tweet of the Day: I remember Space Quest. Do You?  ——– Short post today. In upcoming weeks I’ll be exploring the idea of genre (and sub-genres) as argument. The idea is that each book presents an argument, for or against a given world view, even if the author is not making direct appeals to his […]

NaNo 2011: Piling on the Dialogue

Tweet of the Day: The #1 Factor to Consider When Choosing a PoV Character ——– Back pain has slowed down my NaNoing but I’m still at it. I have discovered an interesting trend, my characters can’t shut the hell up! Every scene is talk, talk, talk and talk some more. I mean like dialogue, I […]

Sunday Tweet: Setting the Scene

Tweet of the Day: Setting the Scene ——– I stumbled on this post while on Tweetdeck. Now the title is simple enough, but what really hooked me was the part that the author left out: Setting the Scene (Through Dialogue) The author describes a simple improv excersise to establish a scene using three pieces of […]

My 30 Days of Writing-Day 20: Character vs. Character

Indeed. 20. What are your favorite character interactions to write? (Sorry for the late post. WordPress glitched combined with playing to much Mass Effect. Double the post today then.) Best characters interactions? Put two characters in a room and let them go at. Verbally. Through dialogue I mean. Not making myself very clear, am I? […]

The “Let’s Talk” Blogfest: For The Love of Cereal

This excerpt from my first novel, Neither Here nor There…. is my entry in the “Let’s Talk” Blogfest. I hope it fulfills the requirements of a funny, if not sparkling, conversation.  Set in the parking lot of a English supermarket. Enjoy! —– Car loaded I was ready to go when I heard a crunching sound […]