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Genre as Argument: Cyberpunk

Tweet of the Day: Crossroads: World-building  in Westerns and Speculative Fiction ——- Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…. If there is a central argument in cyberpunk, this is it. On the surface cyberpunk is the perfect counter argument for the techno-utopia of classic science fiction. Instead of being centuries in the future it […]

Space for Rent: Guns for Everybody!

WARNING: Political Rant Ahead. You have been warned. —— You know, I think I got this gun business all wrong. I think problem is we are not arming the right people. For example: Since violent crime is disproportionally high among the poor and minorities, we should flood poor urban areas with guns. Hell, let’s bring  back the […]

2012 in review

So the last day of the year has come at last. I would say a long last, but that would imply that 2012 was longer than any other year before it, which would be incorrect as it is a measure of time.  And as it usual there is some sort of countdown of events. In […]

Space for Rent: Post-Election Analysis

Tweet of the Day: A Doctor’s Charm ——– WARNING: Politically charged and heavily opinionated piece. Read at your own peril. I am not responsible for any broken monitors or screens. ——– The circus is over…is it over? It’s never over, just recasting for the next show. In the mean time I’ll review the last one. […]

Wizards’ World War (s.3): Dispatch 1- Of Parties and Wives

Tweet of the Day: Structure Part 6–Getting Primal & Staying Simple ——– Seasons 1 & 2 – Intro Season 1 – Dispatch 2 ——– 10 Downing Street, Cabinet Room, City of Westminster, London, Union of British States, 2 January, 21:52 hrs GMT Two men stood in the room. Tomorrow a new cabinet, a Labour cabinet, would […]

Space for Rent: Wait Just One Minute

  Tweet of the Day: Cathedral Collapse Crushes Congregants ——– From the Texas Republican Party Platform (2012): Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and […]

World Building Wednesdays: Sex and Culture

Tweet of the Day: A Reaction to Klein’s Pyramid of Literary Quality ——– Marriage, Courtship, Reproduction, Sexual Roles, Sexual Identity, Religion, Law, Economy. All of those things are touch by or related in some way or another to sex. And I am not talking about sex as titillation for the reader (or writer) but as […]

Voting Away Your Rights

Tweet of the Day: Fire & Ice: The August 2012 Blog Chain ——– This will be a short but politically motivated post. Why do people vote their rights away? What compels people to give away their protections against abuse from the State? Why is it that those that claim to be for freedom the loudest […]