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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 23 (c.2) – Quisling

Tweet of the Day: SF Obscure: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century ——- Derringer Missile Control Center, Javelin Launch Facility, Laputta Island, Chav Tropical Zone, Chav, Landam System, Crescent Nebula, January 15, 2197 Utah disabled the magnetic lock. I pushed the doors open as quietly as possible. “Hey Mike, have you tried the Punga fruit […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 22 (c.2)- Flags

Tweet of the Day: Men Just Don’t Trust Women–And It’s A Huge Problem ——- En route to the SSV Miguel Alcumbierre Moya, In Orbit Around Vale, Landam System, Crescent Nebula, January 11, 2197 My comm buzzed to life. I checked the read out. It was a call from one Lieutenant Commander Rissi Montoya, New Arcturus […]