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Tru-Fans(tm) vs. Consumers

  Tweet of the Day: An Interview with Jim Sterling about sexism in game culture ——– The eternal struggle between the dedicated Tru-Fans™ vs. the Considerate Consumer:   ——–  

Space for Rent: The Gordian Knot of Interactive Fiction

    Tweet of the Day:  Stop Saying You Only Care About Quality in the Same Breath That You Argue Against Diversity ——- It seems that the confusion between what is and isn’t a game continues. I heard two video game podcast struggle with that issue when discussing a new product called Everyone Gone to […]

Space for Rent: Ever Vigilant

Tweet of the Day: When Does Fan Fiction Cross an Ethical Line ——- In a stunning reversal for the video game industry, Microsoft announced that it will not longer require a regular online check (every 24 hours) on its next gen console, the Xbox One. This has been chalked up as a victory for consumers […]

Space for Rent: Selling digital products means knowing when to give up the ghost

Tweet of the Day: About my fiction: the weird and wonderful world of Hedron ——- Possession might be nine tenths of the law, but it is not ten out of ten.   Every first year law students are taught that ownership is like having a bundle of sticks with each stick representing a set of rights […]

Space for Rent: Incentuos Relationships

Tweet of the Day: Some Mechanism Underlying Narrative Tension ——- Scandal. Controversy. Distrust. Commingling. Fiduciary. Wait, what was that last one? 2fiduciary adjective :of, relating to, or involving a confidence or trust: as a :held or founded in trust or confidence b :holding in trust c : depending on public confidence for value or currency […]

Space for Rent: Art for Art Sake Meets the Public as Patron

Tweet of the Day: When the Reader Becomes the Enemy: Lessons from Pottermore ——– This is one those post that until now sat on my draft folder for no other reason that I did not know how to express my idea(s) about the subject in a coherent manner. Enter Mass Effect 3. If you haven’t […]

Black Friday

Indeed. And no day reflects this evil like the darkest day of the year, Black Friday. Shopping malls turn to lands of desolation, lives are lost (literally) as warring factions set upon the dwindling resources of a forgotten age (bargains). The question is…. WHY! I mean what is it about this day that drives the […]