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Sunday Treat: Terry Jones Pythons the Middle Ages

  Tweet of the Day: Harry Potter and the Monastery of Mystery: A Big Al Story ——– I haven’t done one of these in ages, so I decided to fill a pleasant Sunday morning with a video from none other than Terry Jones. the first in a series produced by the BBC that tackles the […]

Weekend Rounup: April 28- May 4

  Tweet of the Day: L’Apres Midi D’une Smelly Terrier ——– First, May the 4th be with you! Yes, it is Star Wars day and any sci-fi geek worth his salt already knows about it, but here it is none the less. Now that we gotten that out of the way, lets see what this […]

Lessons from the Aether: Soap Operas

Tweet of the Day: 5 Signs You Might Be a Windbag ——- Or a Guide to How Not To Write…Anything! The long time reader of this blog may have detected a certain…disdain for soap operas.  The reasons for the disdain match those for why you should never write like a soap opera: Shallow Characters: If […]

TV Tropes Monday: Dude, Not Funny!

Tweet of the Day: Cannons at the Dinner Table ——- This trope encapsulates everything I believe about today (April 1). I hate the idea of people pranking or ridiculing others for no apparent reason. I just do. There seems to be a malicious edge to deliberately fooling other people. That is not to say that […]

Weekend Roundup: March 10-16

Tweet of the Day: Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth ——- This week began and ended with games. Long time readers of this blog know my passion for good video games runs deep. They also know that you can learn a lot about creating a good narrative from the way video games are put […]

Weekend Roundup: December 2 – 8 + Another NO KISS BLOGFEST

  Tweet of the Day: Winter Tales: keeping the dark at bay ——– Another weird week. First the schedule has gone to hell in a hand basket. Sappy Xmas stories on Sunday’s, no regular updates, a tale of cute woe marking the end of the world and call to burn the house down. Plus my […]

Weekend Roundup: September 9-15

  Tweet of the Day:  10 Excuses for Not Writing – and How to Smash Them ——– Okay lads, lets see what went down this week: Sun: Three Questions. Those that are answered, those that are not, and those best left unanswered. Mon: Some people just don’t like hats in TV Tropes-My Species Doth Protest […]

TV Tropes Monday: Overranked Soldier

Tweet of the Day: Introducing the Villain ——- As a military enthusiast, one of my pet peeves of science fiction works is how author’s mangle military hiearchy in general and ranks in particular. Overranked Soldier: Over-ranked Soldier refers to a character whose rank is, quite simply, impossible for him to possess. The character’s rank is […]