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Machine Language: Beeps and Boops of Outer Space

  Again I did a thing. A silly thing, but a thing nonetheless. Enjoy!  

Weekend Roundup: May 25-31

  Tweet of the Day: Fear and Aspiration: on Gun Desire ——- Talk about an eventful week, and not all in a good way. Still I managed to bring back some of the blog oldies like Lessons from the Aether and Wizards’ World War.  I call that a win. And of course, summer is in […]

TV Tropes Monday: Pre-Climax Climax

Tweet of the Day: How To Get By In Elvish ——- This trope is about doing the deed before the deed is done. In other words, it’s about sex. It is a nice way to tie the romantic subplot just before the story ends. But it does have two problems. The first, it might come […]