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Space for Rent: This Is Not Seduction of the Innocent

Tweet of the Day: The Soul of the Censor ——- Anita Sarkeesian is not a modern day Frederic Wertham  and her videos are not a current version of Seduction of the Innocent. Wertham agenda was simple, to prove that media had a direct impact on the behavior of minors, an argument made many times before […]

TV Tropes Monday: “Well Done, Son” Guy

    Tweet of the Day: On ‘The John Green Effect,’ Contemporary Realism, and Form as a Political Act ——- This trope is a catch all for Parental/Children issues, specifically dealing with the need of children to be, at the very least, acknowledged by their parents or parental figure. Hence the, “Guy” in the trope. […]

TV Tropes Monday: Archnemesis Dad

Tweet of the Day: The Wolf and the Songbird ——- Dear old dad is the best in the world, most of the time, but not in this case. In fact when you think of dear old that, the first thing you chuck is the dear part and probably attach the word bastard to the old […]

March 2012 Blog Chain: It Rained That Day

Tweet of the Day: teaser Tuesday has a knife and isn’t afraid to use it ——- Well, you know the drill. New month, new Blog Chain from our friends from the Absolute Write forums: March 2012 Blog Chain Starting Date: Monday, March 5, 2012 Open to all forum members, even after it starts! This month’s […]

Wizards’ World War: Dispatch 16- First Day of School

Tweet of the Day: Creativity Tip- Mind Mapping ——– Intro – 15 – 17 ——– Expreso Loiza, Carolina, Puerto Rico, August 6, 7:15 a.m. Little Madeline bobbed  her head to the music coming from her earphones. Mom had put her favorite DVD on the minivan’s DVD player. Little hands on her new school uniform navy […]

TV Tropes Monday: Kid Hero

Tweet of the Day:  Drabble Day – Wind ——– The Kid Hero is, as the name implies, a child. The exact age varies up and down the scale, from 8 to 17, but they’re never an adult by whatever the local standards are. The “base age” seems to be 14 or thereabouts, though their numeric […]

Short Story Friday: The Gate p.8- Humility

Tweet of the Day: Are You Overusing Passive Verbs? ——- P.1 – P.2 – P.3 – P.4 – P5 – P.6a – P.6b –P.7 – P.9 – P.10 –P.11 –P.12a – P.12b –Aftermath ——- Nothing…. “Hurts, doesn’t it?” I opened my eyes to see Lysandra perched at the edge of a sea of white satin, […]

Date Open to Change

Next entry in the series of shorts about life across the pond. Past installment can be found here. —— Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean my mother is not out to get me. She had not said a word, except for hi or hello since she I saw her coming out of Heathrow. She pounced […]