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World Building Wednesday: The Outer Limits of Power

Tweet of the Day: Information Density and Selecting Planks for Story Scaffolding ——– At some point in the creation of your speculative fiction universe you have to decide what are the outer limits of the powers, abilities or magic that make or are used in the universe. Some common limits are (following last week talk […]

World Building Wednesdays: The Checklist

Tweet of the Day: Trolling the Trollosphere – Staying Sane in a World of Crazy ——- I always start a new project with a checklist, or series of checklist. They serve two purposes, first as a brainstorming device the second to map key world building points. The second point requires further explanation. Let say I’m […]

Sunday Tweet- Checklist

  Sunday Tweet: Are You Asking These Important Questions About Your Fantasy Setting? ——– On to the subject at hand. Questions, we all have them, but how do we use them? Question lie at the heart of what we do as writers, but you already knew that. Questions can be useful tools and K.M. Weiland […]