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Mass Effect/AEC: Classified- Gorgon Class Cruiser

  Tweet of the Day: Silencing Tactics and You  ——- SAIO Document 1247A3- Clearance- Ultra 1 Subject: Analysis of Captured Cerberus Warships Classification: Cruiser Length: 783 meters Primary Armament: Spine Mounted Dual Mass Accelerator Secondary Armament: Broadside- 16x Quad Accelerator Cannons, Variable Frequency GARDIAN Point Defense Network, 8 Advanced Fighter Interceptors. Protection: Advance Diamond Lattice […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 3 (c.3)-Testimony

  Tweet of the Day: NaNoWriMo Hath Started! ——- Parliamentary Conference Room 3, New Arcturus Station, Arcturus, Arcturus Stream, June 4, 2197 Two weeks passed since the beginning of the hearings into Thompson-Ramos Security. A two week long parade of military officers, civilian officials and experts that spouted reams of dry data and engaged in […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Alliance Launches Hearings

  Tweet of the Day: Maps Before Print ——– ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk on New Arcturus Station May 19, 2197 Alliance Parliament Investigates Operation Hammerfall By Jill Scarlett NEW ARCTURUS STATION– Thu Van Thieu, Chairman of the Alliance Parliament Sub-Committee on Military Intelligence launched hearings of the events leading to Operation Hammerfall […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Operation Hammerfall Ends

  Tweet of the Day: The #AskRandy Is As Big Trainwreck As Colonial Marines ——- ANN News Desk On location in Chav May 5, 2197 Operation Hammerfall Ends by Lionel Storm NEW BRISTOL, CHAV–  In a joint press conference representatives from the Hierarchy, Systems Alliance and the Chav colonial government announced that Operation Hammerfall had […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 27 (c.2)- Stryker

Tweet of the Day: Examine Your Priorities ——- Inside the Ebon Mountain Range, Chav, Landam System, Crescent  Nebula, May 1, 2197 The thick stone walls shook with the thunder of explosions and the clatter of automatic fire. Grenadiers pumped shots into entrenched enemies. Often the the fighting dissolved into vicious hand to hand combat as  […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 25 (c.2)- Capitol

Tweet of the Day:  Bad Life Decisions: Make Me Read Theodore Beale ——- Seventh Floor Our Lady of Hope Hospital, New Bristol, Chav, Landam System, Crescent  Nebula, February 15, 2197 I rounded the corner of the stairwell and collided with a Cerberus trooper. I parried his rifle barrel with my own then stabbed him deep […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 20(c.2)- Messages

Tweet of the Day: The Story of the Gravestone of Winkle the Cat ——- ——- Captain’s Cabin, SSV Kursk SR-3, In High Orbit Over Chav, Landam System, Crescent  Nebula, January 4, 2197 On New Year’s allied forces hit multiple colonies across the Terminus system as part of Operation Hammerfall. The offensive neutralized several Cerberus bases […]

Mass Effect/AEC:Chapter 17 (c.2)-Cerberus

Tweet of the Day: Weekend Writing Warriors 12/28/14 ——- ——- Executive Office Suite, Avernus Station, Orbiting Sagittarius A,  Galactic Core, November 21, 2196 I texted a warning to the others. “Aren’t we an arrogant little ghost,” I said. “You’re confusing arrogance with confidence, commander,” said the hologram. “Really? Can I call you Cerberus, because you’re […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 16 (c.2)-Avernus

Tweet of the Day: Winter Solstice ——- ——- Cargo Hold of the Element Zero Tanker Vanbeer, Avernus Station, Orbiting Sagittarius A,  Galactic Core, November 21, 2196 The gigantic airlock slid open. For a second a company of elite Cerberus troops backed by several heavy mechs stared at a full battalion of Blood Pack mercenaries. Cerberus […]