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Xmas Came Early

Tweet of the Day: Why I Hate Love Triangles ——– It literally arrived on the mail! Don’t believe me, here I’ll show you. First we have two books by the most excellent Jim Butcher: Most fitting for a cool, rainy, “I think this is still the tropics,” kind of Christmas Eve. Followed by: Apologies for […]

Lessons from the Aether: Elantris and How to Manage Multiple POVs

  Tweet of the Day: Should You Ever Redeem Your Bad Guys? ——- Elantris is Brandon Sanderson’s debut epic fantasy novel and an excellent example of how to handle multiple POVs. Each of the three POV characters (Crown Prince Raoden, Princess Sarene and Priest Hrathen) do the following: Move the story forward, be it the […]