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TV Tropes Monday: Elaborate Underground Base

Tweet of the Day: The Sickest Underground Lairs in SciFi an Fantasy ——- The Elaborate Underground Base is a common feature in many speculative fiction settings, from heroic fantasy (many dungeons are this) to super heroes (the bat cave) and science fiction (the underground complex in Lost). Three reasons for this: Secrecy: Out of sight […]

A Meme and a Preview

First the preview. This is the opening scene of my first novel (which I’m querying right now). It got some good comments/critiques over at Miss Snark’s First Victim and I like to share it with you today. ——- The One Letter I checked the mailbox with a sense of dread. There was always a chance […]

Burn This!

Book banning…. Book burning…. It’s censorship. The question is, why? The obvious and common answer is “to protect X from Y” were X=children and Y=is an idea/concept, such as violence or sex. Sounds fair enough. I understand the need for parents to control, to a certain extent what their children read and see. I want […]

More Writers Blogs and Resources

Another Friday, another list of writer’s blogs and resources for writers. Long on the first category, short on the second. The Blogs: W.I.P.: Work in Progress is Rosemerry’s blog where she traces the development of her current project. Interesting read. Isaac Espriu’s Place: Blog covering the life and times of a full time writer, hour […]

February AW Blogroll: Love vs. Romance

Welcome to the February AW Blogroll. Lets start with the rules: It (the blogroll)can be themed or not. This one will be. The first person just makes a post on their blog. The person following will take some element from the previous blogger and make their own post, including that element. Please link back to […]

My Favorite Writers Blogs

In no particular order I present a list of blogs of, about writing and for writers that I check everyday: Spittin’ (out words) Like a Llama: Colby’s great blog about family, friends and writing (sometimes). Careful she has a wicked yet delicious sense of humor! Fantastical Imagination: Book reviews, publishing tips and so much more. […]