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Weekend Roundup: November 30- December 6

Tweet of the Day: Dragon Age II: Sequels Are Hard ——- It’s snowing again! Well, it is snowing in my blog, where it snow where I live it would be the literal end of the world as we (or at least how I) know it. I am also a bit under the weather. To be […]

Sunday Treat: Age of the Vikings

Tweet of the Day: Comic Dreams ——– The British in general and the English in particular have a fascination with the Vikings that may eclipse the interest shown by the Nordic peoples who descend from the Vikings.  And why not? The Vikings shaped what it is to be English. It was the Vikings who conquered […]

Sunday Treat: Terry Jones Pythons the Middle Ages

  Tweet of the Day: Harry Potter and the Monastery of Mystery: A Big Al Story ——– I haven’t done one of these in ages, so I decided to fill a pleasant Sunday morning with a video from none other than Terry Jones. the first in a series produced by the BBC that tackles the […]

Lessons from the Aether: Sherlock and the Ubernmench

Tweet of the Day: My Kingdom for a Parking Lot (or Car Park) ——- For all the talk about rooting for the underdog or siding with the little guy, we read stories to experience vicariously the deeds of those better than ourselves whether they are stronger, faster, richer, more famous or any other superlative that […]

World Building Wednesday: YouTube as a Research Resource

Tweet of the Day: Odd Like Us ——– YouTube? You mean the land of anime themed videos, kittens and political hack jobs? Yes, the one and the same. For you see world building is as much about research as it is about, well, building worlds. research provides the cement that glues together the raw stirs […]

Home is…. Part I

Tweet of the Day: White-clad, with Candles in her Hair… ——- Part 2 ——- I made my way through the busy sidewalks of White City on my way home. The sun faded from view hours before, and in the cold cramped streets shoppers hurried home. Home for me, at least for most of the year, […]

Friends and Family

A story two years in the making. Never thought it would last this long. Of course if you’re new to the saga you can follow the links below to catch up: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Yep, that is all. Enjoy! 😉 ——- The house was […]

Resources for Writers

Inspired by recent posts on research by writers  I decided to compile a short list of the go to online resources that I use while writing. These are simply places for quick answers and clues and by no means do they substitute for in depth research and analysis. In no particular order: Wikipedia: A quick […]