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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Batarian Conclave on Khar’shan

  ANN News Now December 15, 2197 Batarian Conclave on Khar’shan by David Rukil ANN News Center, Vancouver – After a series of victories over Reaper remnant forces, the Batarian Assembly declared the majority of their home world, Khar’shan, to be under their control. They have called an summit of existing batarian factions to establish […]

Mass Effect: Captured

  Tweet of the Day: Hugo’s Postmortem: 2015 Edition ——- “Group Captain Rodan Quintus, Batarian Expeditionary Force,” said Rodan. The man kept the cold barrel of his gun pressed against the base of Rodan’s skull, “Gun.” Rodan slowly removed his machine pistol from its holster and handed it back. “Move,” said the other in a […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Birth of Civilizations Tour Starts

  Tweet of the Day: Butts, bums, and intelligent narrative design ——- Alliance News Culture & History Channel April 18, 2197 Birth of Civilizations Tour Starts on the Citadel By Gia Rashani THE PRESIDIUM, CITADEL–  A collection of rare historical artifacts showcasing the birth of the civilizations of several Citadel races went up on display […]

Mass Effect: Standoff

Tweet of the Day: SF OBSCURE…SF comedy for the lazy days of August ——– Commander Turtman barked orders to one of his squads, “Sergeant Kratos your squad will guard the shuttles. I want them prepped in case we need to leave in a hurry.” “Yes clan chi… sir,” said the squad leader. Turtman shined his […]

Weeekend Roundup: May 18-24 + Mass Effect/Liberation: News

  Tweet of the Day: Twentieth Century Futurism Looks Really Bizarre Now ——- Another short week of posting. In order to compensate for the egregious lack of posts, I added a little something at the end of this one. I hope you like it. Mon: TV Tropes – “Well Done, Son,” Guy Fri: Space for […]

Mass Effect: Labyrinth

Tweet of the Day: Reframing and Punching Down ——– “Left, right, then up and left again,” said Iblis’Siphs. He spoke aloud as he went, just like all the Miracle Men did in Triptych station. They were a cadre of systems engineers, software specialist and handymen that kept the two thousand year old station running. The […]