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Deleted Scenes from Mass Effect P.6

  Game: Mass Effect 3 Location: Presidium Plaza, The Citadel Romance Paragon Male Shep Characters: Male Shepard (Colonist/Sole Survivor), Ashley Williams, Mrs. Williams, Sarah Williams. Mrs. Williams and Sarah approach Ashley and Shepard’s table. Mrs. Williams- Ashley. Ashley gets up and greets her mother with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Ashley- Momma, […]

Mass Effect: Anvil

Tweet of the Day:  Marauder Shields: Episode 60 (B) “A Difference Of Opinion” ——- ——- Galeena waved the first platoon sergeant over to her, “Sergeant, sitrep.” “Upper works secured. We counted over thirty dead, no prisoners, ma’am,” he said. “What about our casualties?” asked Galeena. “Five wounded, the medics are patching them up now….” the […]

Mass Effect: Dragon Riders

  Tweet of the Day: Grotesque ——— Los Dragones Training Range,  Bekenstein, Boltzmann System, Serpent Nebula <RED AIR CLEAR> <ROGER ALPHA ONE, DELTA TWO-NINER ON APPROACH. MUSIC ON> Rodan Quintus tracked Delta squadron ingress into the target area on the holo table. The movement of the holographic symbols matched their counterparts across the valley. Fighter […]