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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 14 (c.3): Confirmation

  Office of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance, Citadel Embassies, The Presidium, The Citadel, Widow System, Serpent Neubla, December 14, 2197 An image of a balding human, with a black eye and tattered business suit appeared on screen, “It was Cerberus. They were behind the assassination attempt,” said the man. “What about Death’s Legion?” ask a […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Earthquakes Shake Strophios

Tweet of the Day: Pattern Matching: Lou Antonelli and the Sad Puppies ——- ANN News Desk on The Citadel May 11, 2197 Earthquakes Shake Strophios by By Iris Dunnigan CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM-Massive earthquakes shook the surface of Strophios, a colony world on the edge of Asari space. The combination of quakes and massive avalanches shattered […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 24 (c.2)- Torfan

Tweet of the Day: Futuristic Romance Retrospective, Part I: The Pioneers ——- Alliance Military Veteran Health Services, 10th Floor Active Service Counseling, Vancouver Metroplex, United North American States, Earth, Sol System, Local Group, October 3, 2178 A few air cars flew past the window. Vancouver residents preferred ground transports over shuttles. It gave the city […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News-Timeline for November 12, 2196

  Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 9.41: Fan Writing, with Christopher J. Garcia ——- ANN: Timeline with Richard Garrett ANN Central Studios, Vancouver, North American Union, November 12, 2196 Richard Garrett– This is Sunday, November 12, 2196 and welcome to another installment of Timeline. With us today is asari historian, sophontologist, political scientist, and […]

Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News-Celebrations Come to a Close

Tweet of the Day: Marauder Shields: Episode 60 (B) ——- From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk November 1, 2196 Celebrations Comes to a Close By Joan Calder MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – The month long celebration to celebrate the victory over the Reapers ended with a concert from the Megara Stadium on Rannoch. The concert had over 90 […]

Mass Effect: Anvil

Tweet of the Day:  Marauder Shields: Episode 60 (B) “A Difference Of Opinion” ——- ——- Galeena waved the first platoon sergeant over to her, “Sergeant, sitrep.” “Upper works secured. We counted over thirty dead, no prisoners, ma’am,” he said. “What about our casualties?” asked Galeena. “Five wounded, the medics are patching them up now….” the […]

Weeekend Roundup: May 18-24 + Mass Effect/Liberation: News

  Tweet of the Day: Twentieth Century Futurism Looks Really Bizarre Now ——- Another short week of posting. In order to compensate for the egregious lack of posts, I added a little something at the end of this one. I hope you like it. Mon: TV Tropes – “Well Done, Son,” Guy Fri: Space for […]