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Genre as Argument: Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

Tweet of the Day: Speculative Fiction Tropes: Magictech ——- Once again, we come to the end of a blog post series. I’ve run out of genres/subgenres to write about. I know that I just scratched the surface, but writing posts like these requires a certain level intimacy with the subject at hand and I’m afraid […]

Genre as Argument: Space Opera

Tweet of the Day: The Land in Between ——- It is hard to say what argument, if any, this genre makes, since pinning down a definition of what space opera is hard enough. In the broadest sense, Space Opera is “X in space” whether X is a pirate, a cowboy, a knight or an explorer […]

Genre as Argument: Urban Fantasy

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation – 14b – Contract ——- When the modern world meets magic, the result is Urban Fantasy. As a sub-genre of Fantasy it expands the genre by blending the modern world with the ancient by answering the question, “What if magic was still around?” In asking and answering that […]

Genre as Argument: Dark Fantasy

Tweet of the Day: Sword and Laser Anthology ——- This sub-genre of fantasy puts the dark back into the dark ages. It is an counter argument to the idea of an Arcadian past. The worlds portrayed in dark fantasy are dirty, messy, violent and by our standards immoral. All the familiar elements are there, but […]

Genre as Argument: Sub-Genres

Tweet of the Day: Praise the Lord and pass the genre ammunition ——- There comes a time in any life when the student becomes the master. It happens in all kinds of disciplines including writing. So, it is no surprise that as genres mature, those that grew up reading them write their own reaction to […]

Genre as Argument: Fantasy

Tweet of the Day: Dreaming of Souvlaki ——- If science fiction looks toward a technological utopia then fantasy appeals to an agrarian golden age. Fantasy as an identified genre is relatively new, newer than sci-fi, but as storytelling theme it has been around since the beginning of time. This theme can be divided into four […]

Genre as Argument: Science Fiction

Tweet of the Day:  Bidding Farewell to the Comfort Zone ——- If science fiction makes an argument, it is one centered around technology: either it will improve our lives or it will devastate us. Each sub-genres within it stakes a place along the scale of idealism versus cynicism. Born out of the combination of the […]

Genre as Argument

Tweet of the Day: I remember Space Quest. Do You?  ——– Short post today. In upcoming weeks I’ll be exploring the idea of genre (and sub-genres) as argument. The idea is that each book presents an argument, for or against a given world view, even if the author is not making direct appeals to his […]