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Clearing the Deck-Week 2: Killing My Darlings

The 360 is back on. 😦 Tried to keep the streak but half way through the week I failed. Couldn’t  do it any more. Why? I sent an excerpt (first 450 words) of my first WIP to a contest, to see if I could snag an agent. Missed the first dateline, almost missed the second. […]

My First Rejection Letter

Yep, I got my first rejection letter, or should I say email. It was pleasant enough. I thought I was going to feel awful about getting it but it seems that the writer did put some effort into writing it, even if it was a form response. Not saying that it was, I haven’t received […]

We interupt this program….

To bring you some industry news. Yes, because writing is an industry, i.e. a business. You can uncork your ears now, thank you. So onto the news. First, Salon has an excellent article on the pricing wars of eBooks. It has iPad on the title (and a nice little picture of an iPad merging into […]

On the Edge of the Abyss

Fear is a powerful motivator for some. A crippling psychological condition for others. Guess in which category I fall into? Right…. So what triggered this latest panic attack? Querying. The idea that I can’t a) sell nothing coupled with the thought that b) nobody is going to like this piece of trash has dropped my […]

Once More into the Breach….

Well, I’m nearly finished with my second WIP, so now it is time to go back and revised Neither Here nor There… one more time. This time around I plan to use the One-Pass Manuscript Revision method I have heard so much about. If this works then I may have discovered a way to work […]