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Mass Effect/AEC: Gaming Galaxy-Grand Terminus Alliance Breaks Sales Records

Tweet of the Day: Banned Books: The Editors ———– Gaming Galaxy: Grand Terminus Alliance Breaks Sales Records Serpent Nebula, Widow System, the Citadel, Zakera Ward ,October 3, 2196 Grick: Hello and welcome to another edition of Gaming Galaxy, with me, Grick, your favorite salarian gamer. On the show today we will be talking about Grant […]

Mass Effect/AEC Chaper 11:Memories

Tweet of the Day: The Care and Feeding of Chapter Breaks ——- ——- Thompson-Ramos Private Residence, Sagan Bay, Bekenstein, Boltzmann, Serpent Nebula, April 23, 2196 The hammock swayed on the gentle night breeze that blew from Sagan’s Bay. It was a rare break from work; planning attack/defense scenarios, intelligence gathering, resource allocation. I put down […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN Finance News and Stock Report

Tweet of the Day: Before the First Word: Know Your World’s History —— Nothing to rant about today so instead we bring you another Mass Effect fic for your enjoyment. —— —— From the Alliance News Network Finance Desk March 15, 2196 A Wild Day on the Galactic Market by Arlina Andriametti ANN NEWS CENTER, […]