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Adventurer! Enough with the Running

    Tweet of the Day: On Writing – Finding One’s Voice ——– Goddammit run! And ran the Adventurer did, and ran some more, and kept with the running with an horde of burning skeletons at their back. The empty innards of said skeletons were lit by dark flames. Smoke poured out of their eternal […]

Adventurer!: Goblin Hunt

    Tweet of the Day: The first-person essay boom: top editors on why confessional writing matters ——- The cave entranced opened like the dark maw of a hungry beast. Pretty dark in there and I don’t want to switch my shield for a torch so….okay time for a light spell. The Adventurer muttered a […]

Adventurer!: The Cave of Ominous Rumblings

Tweet of the Day: /end Survival Mode ——- Thirty gold pieces for a lousy sword. Here I am, going into the Cave of Ominous Rumblings, by the way who ever named this cave has a knack for welcoming friends and neighbors, to kill the goblins and they still try swindle me. I am up to […]