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Mass Effect/AEC – ANN News: CoT Shipping Wars Heat Up

From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

February 21, 2198

 CoT Shipping Wars Heat Up

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – As the second half of the current season of Champions of the Terminus barrels down to its March finale, the galaxy wide media phenomenon has its most die hard fans in a tizzy over the romantic entanglements between Ral vas Dorian, the Victory’s systems tech, Ms. Solheim, a mysterious operative from the Earth Alliance, and the captain of the Victory, Tadeusz Ramus. Speculations on who the writers intend to link romantically with who set the extranet ablaze.

Here are some examples of some of the most upvoted comments on social media sites:

OMG! I can’t believe it. This is like my all time OTP!!! They are so hot together. I know this is a Teen rated show so they won’t show the spicy stuff but the three of them together? OMG!

LanaOFtheMoonANDStars876 – 1.2 million likes.

Others are less receptive about the current storyline:

Respectfully, romantic triangles are overblown and tiresome. They detract from the main plot and themes of the series. I can only hope that this gets resolved soon.

Calyn@AmbassadorSuiteCitadel.gov – 90K views

But a show with a viewership measured in the billions does attract some darker comments:

Oh Keela, what is it with humans and their need to F— everything! We are not your sex toys, you filthy beasts. The galaxy would be better off without any of your slubering (sic) over other species.

Name/Address Redacted – 80K views

However it seems that the romantic subplot is popular with the show’s audience. Insta-polls show that 52% of the audience if “highly excited” to see more of this plot, while at least 77% are “intrigued” by the possible outcome of said plot. In fact the fandom already created several portmanteaus around their preferred pairings such as SolTad for those who want Solheim and Tadeusz getting together. One viewer expressed her defense of her preferred pairing thusly:

We all know that this show is based on the real life adventures of Commander Thompson-Ramos and the crew of the Kursk. And in real life he is married to Miranda Lawson. SolTad is just standing for them. The writers can’t be stupid enough to ignore their sources.

AlwaysDreamingOFWrinting&Kittens – 7.8 Million views

Others prefer the pairing of vas Dorian and Solhiem which they have dubbed RalHiem:

It’s a work of fiction. They have to go with the onscreen chemistry and RalHiem is all about that chemistry. No human can compete with a quarian’s natural charisma.

WritingPoetryUnderWaterfalls – 2.9 Million views

And some wish to bypass the Solhiem character altogether.

Time to let the boys have their fun!

BioticC987 – 410K views

Or go the polyamorous route:

OTP? Nah, give me that OT3 baby!

WildInVERACRUX- 3.9 Million views

When asked about who will win at the end, showrunner Kiko Diaz said that, “Only time will tell.”

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