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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Immu Returns to the Citadel

From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

February 23, 2198

Immu Returns to the Citadel

By Joan Calder

THE PRESIDIUM TOWER,THE CITADEL– Immu, the last survivor of the Lengk civilization (see: Ancient Synthetic Found in Ruins), returned to the Citadel after a multi-colony tour of Citadel space. On their return they requested a hearing with the Committee for Synthetic Rights in order to obtain full citizenship under Amendment 17 of Article 1 of the Citadel Charter. The amendment was added to the charter after the end of the Reaper Invasion to integrate the Geth into the Citadel government. The amendment reiterates the requirements set for membership in the Citadel government such as:

  • Respect for all sapient and sentient life
  • Renouncing of violence except in self-defense
  • Acceptance of the Citadel jurisdiction over matters such as the handling of ancient (pre-Citadel) alien relics, prohibition of slavery within Citadel space and the authority of the Office of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance (commonly know as the Spectres).

It also added two clauses: the first prohibited the creation of synthetics for the purpose of servitude, either as stand alone units or in groups and the second created a procedure for any individual or group of synthetics to gain citizenship under the Charter. A synthetic that demonstrates an understanding of its rights and responsibilities under the Charter gains all the rights and privileges equal to any citizen of a member of the Citadel government.

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