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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 15 (c.3): Love

Captain Quarters, Deck 1, SSV Kursk SR-3,  En route to Omega, December 16, 2197

Miranda face filled the the screen, “Everything went well. I am fine”.  As she spoke I  noticed the stray hairs that floated just above her black eyes. She breathed in soft but labored breaths. “Did you make the pick up?”

“Yeah. The Matriarch is on board. I invited her to dinner-”

“Theodore Thompson-Ramos, I am gone a week and you are already inviting women up to your cabin?” she said with a stern voice. But I heard the chuckle at the edge of it,

“Mrs. Ramos, I wouldn’t dream of mixing business with pleasure. Except with you, of course.”

“You arse!”

“So when can you get back?” I asked

“I should be out in a day or so, then I’ll take a shuttle to Omega.”

“Will be waiting.”

“Love you.”

“Same to you babe.”

The moment the screen switched off I let out weeks of tension in a long breath.

She is alright. Everything is alright. 

I knew she would be fine. She had the best doctors and done everything to minimize the risk and maximize the chances of success. But there was always a risk, something that lurked unforeseen.  And that scared me more than anything. More than pirates, mercenaries, even Reapers.  The fear of loosing her.

That’s going to be a fun conversation when she gets back. But does she need to know? 

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