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Mass Effect/AEC: Soundtrack #2 – Dark Side of Luna

Mass Effect: After Earth Chronicles (C 3- C 4)

  1. The Ones We Lost/The Ones We Love (Enjoy the Silence Ki – Theory Cover)
  2. The Nights Are Long and Full of Terrors (Demise of a Nation – Conspiracy Theory Music)
  3. Divided We Fall (Past in Flames – Secession Studios)
  4. We Left Them Behind/I Am With You (Nowhere to Run – Hidden Citizens)
  5. Battle of The Kelphic Valley/Hunting Party (What’s up Danger – Blackway and Caviar)
  6. And the Sky Will Fall (Paint it Black – Sebastian Böhm Official Cover)
  7. We Are Krogan! (The One to Survive – Hidden Citizens)
  8. Commodore (The Last of the Brave – Martin O’Donnell)
  9. We March/The Fleets Assemble (Th3 Awak3n1ng – Ivan Torrent)
  10. Beyond Life (Wicked Game – Cover by Ursine Vulpine feat Annaca)
  11. A Promise to Keep (Mass Effect OST – Vigil Extended Version)
  12. The Strength of a Trillion Souls (Strength of a Thousand Men – Two Steps from Hell)
  13. To Absent Friends/To All Those That Came Before (Mass Effect Emotional Suite Version 3)
  14. And the Story Lives On (The Magic of Love – Two Steps from Hell)

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