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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: 1 Trillion Illegal Downloads of CoT


From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

December  16, 2197

1 Trillion Illegal Downloads of CoT

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN– Champions of the Terminus, the hit action-drama from Star Wolf Productions, became the first Extranet show to reach one trillion illegal downloads across the galaxy. This record was matched by over a billion downloads (as tracked by Rocket Media Enterprises) of the series soundtrack written and performed by none other than Sheryl Stone. While piracy has been seen by media conglomerates as a problem CoT’s showrunner Kiko Diaz said the following to ANN News:

This news merely highlights the popularity of Champions of the Terminus and that we have to find new ways to serve our audience. After all, media pirates are merely consumers we haven’t reach yet.

Diaz added that part of the reason why the show is so popular in the Terminus systems (where most of the illegal downloads originate) was that the episodes were not only made on location, but that the writing staff went to great lengths to research and respect local laws and traditions. He pointed to a recent episode titled “Shaandara” were the cast took refuge in a batarian community in the midst of a local festival that celebrated the sugar-rich tuber of the same name. While the episode was largely humorous, it did not make the locals the butt of the joke or turned into what Diaz called “a school day afternoon special about a vulnerable population”. Instead he highlighted his joy at exploring new ideas that come from the connection between cultures.


The mid-season finale of Champions of the Terminus is set to air in December 20, 2197.


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