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Shadowrun: And Now We Are Here….


I jammed a finger in my ear to block out the sounds of the PCH. The long distance charges on the pay phone ate at my patience. What I heard made it worse.

“Listen kid, this is just the way it is,” said the guttural voice on the other end.

“But I can help,” I said exasperated with the Old Man’s attitude.

“I don’t got time for this, ok? The Gunners should be there in a minute, so just go with them. You got me?”

“C’mon, you need me, Rocky.”

“Yeah kid, I need ya, alive. Don’t worry, once things get sorted out here, I’ll give ya a call.”

“Yeah, ok,” I said with a sigh. The sound of motorcycle engines drowned out Rocky’s response. “Looks like my ride is here.”

“Good. Those guys are solid. They owe me a few. But don’t take shit from them, ok?”

“Got it. Hey, how do I–” The staccatto sound of gunfire on the other end made my heart skip a beat, “Rocky? Rocky!”

Rocky shouted at the receiver, “Go, just go. And good luck!”

The line went dead.

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