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Deleted Scenes from Mass Effect P.6


Game: Mass Effect 3

Location: Presidium Plaza, The Citadel

Romance Paragon Male Shep

Characters: Male Shepard (Colonist/Sole Survivor), Ashley Williams, Mrs. Williams, Sarah Williams.

Mrs. Williams and Sarah approach Ashley and Shepard’s table.

Mrs. Williams- Ashley.

Ashley gets up and greets her mother with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Ashley- Momma, this is commander Shepard. Shepard, this is my mother.

Shepard- A pleasure to meet you Mrs. Williams.

Mrs. Williams- Quite. Now Ashley if you and your sister would excuse us for a moment, I have something to discuss with the commander.

Ashley- But mom we are in the middle of….

Mrs. Williams- Don’t but mom me, Ash.

Ashley takes her sister by the hand and leads her to a spot near the cafe’s counter. Mrs. Williams clears her throat.

Mrs. Williams- I understand that you and my daughter have become reacquainted. Is that correct?

Shepard- We are taking it slow, ma’am.

Mrs. Williams- As slow as you did the last time, commander, before you died and left my daughter bereft only to come back allied with a terrorist organization?

Shepard- I was listed M.I.A. ma’am and as far as Cerberus is concerned I ended my relationship with them the moment they betrayed humanity.

Mrs. Williams- Don’t B.S. commander. Scuttlebutt is the life blood of an marine’s spouse. My youngest just lost her husband. Mine lasted a bit longer, but the weight of duty on his shoulders took him from us. And now I find out my beloved Ashley is….

Shepard- Ma’am I worked with Cerberus to stop the Collectors. Back then thousands of lives were a stake. Now, trillions. Ash is one the best marines I have ever served with and she will make for a damn fine Spectre. I know about loss too…

Mrs. Williams- Mindoir.

Shepard- Yes.

Mrs. Williams- Those three are all I have left and I swear by all mighty God, the universe won’t take them away from me without fight.

Shepard- They’ll have to through me first, ma’am.

Mrs. Williams nods an leaves. Sarah walks by the table.

Sarah Williams- Ash was right, you still have a great ass.

Ash facepalms in the background.

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