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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Alliance: Suicide Attacks on Milgrom


ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk in New Arcturus Station

September 22, 2197

Suicide Attack on Milgrom

By Lisa Grey Mathews

MILGROM, BEKENSTEIN– A group of suicide bombers supported by a mercenary force attacked various targets in the colonial capital of Milgrom, Bekenstein. The attack started with a coordinated series of suicide truck bombings directed at key targets, among them the local Alliance military garrison, several police/militia precincts and the base of the Milgrom’s Special Police Force, the elite anti-terrorist unit of the Milgrom Police Department.  In a second wave of attacks key buildings were targeted, including the Loveless Convention Center, the Karlotta Alfaro Concert Hall, and City Hall. In spite of the violence of the attack, an ad hoc group of private security, local police, and Alliance marines repulsed the second wave of attackers at great losses to both sides. Early estimates put the casualties at over 300. The attacks coincided with the first meeting of the Liberta’s Action Committee, a group of Libertas opposition parties organized by the Alliance Parliament as a united front against the Libertas current government.

ANN military sources pointed the finger at Death’s Legion, a group of suicide commandos employed by the Theocracy against it’s external enemies. The Legion has been linked to bloody attacks on criminal organizations such as pirate bands and terrorist operating in the Verge, as well as rival planetary governments beyond Citadel controlled space. It seems that they shifted their operations toward Citadel space as retaliation for the Alliance blockade of their colony world (SEE: Alliance Blockades Libertas).

One comment on “Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Alliance: Suicide Attacks on Milgrom

  1. […] The Alliance government linked Death’s Legion to several suicide attacks on Milgrom (see: Suicide Attacks on Milgrom). If so,this is is a grave escalation of the conflict on the part of Libertas’ embattled […]


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