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Mass Effect/AEC: Soundtrack Side B

Tweet of the Day: Farewell to 2017


Mass Effect: After Earth Chronicles (C 2-C.3)

  1. Per ardua ad astra/Reach for the Stars (Tantrum- Desire ViP Mix)
  2. Burdens (Rag’n’Bone Man- Human)
  3. Return of the Spectres (Mass Effect OST-Spectre Induction)
  4. Blood in the Streets (AKIRA OST: “Battle Against Clown)
  5. Hunting the Traitor (Bullets by Archive)
  6. I am Her/She is not Me (Maduk ft. Veela- Ghost Assassin)
  7. Underground Club (Caravan Palace- Lone Digger)
  8. Watchers (Deus Ex: Human Revolution 80s Cover)
  9. Dancing while the a World Burns (Peggy Suave – Posin’)
  10. Escape (Mass Effect 2: Stolen Memories OST: Making Our Escape Extended)
  11. Voices of the Past (Thomas Bergersen – Promise)




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