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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Alliance Blockades Libertas


ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk in New Arcturus Station

September 17, 2197

Alliance Blockades Libertas

By Lisa Grey Mathews

NEW ARCTURUS STATION, ARCTURUS STREAM – The authorization to blockade the Sphinx system passed on a tight vote after a heated session of the Alliance’s Parliament. The resolution called for the following:

  • A total arms embargo to the colony of Libertas backed by a blockade of the Sphinx system.
  • An immediate ceasefire and negotiations lead by Alliance negotiators with Citadel Council observers at hand.
  • Concurrent with the ceasefire the deployment of Alliance peacekeepers to the colony.
  • Evacuation of injured civilians off world and the establishment of care centers for the internally dispossessed population.
  • The cancellation and review of all contracts with Private Military Contractors.
  • The deployment of war zone forensic teams to investigate claims of war crimes and crimes against sentients.
  • Zero interference with humanitarian aid to the colony by any party.

However, the resolution does not authorize military action beyond enforcement of the blockade and prohibits the use of military force in the colony proper. Supporters of Prime Minister Hackett see the blockade as an essential step in stopping the the violence. This comment comes hours after the arrest of 33 members of the Neo-Terra party in a sting operation carried out by local governments on Earth, Luna, Mars, and Amaterasu. Among the charges are the sales of military grade equipment (weapon, weapon mods, explosives, communications equipment), human trafficking (conspiracy to smuggle volunteers into Libertas to fight alongside the Martyrs of Megiddo see: Civil War Engulfs Libertas), and money laundering.

The latest reports from the colony show that government forces control the capital and surrounding areas but little else. Fighting in the city of Khorhal continues with over tens of thousands of civilians attempting to flee the embattled city.

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