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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 11 (c.3)-Soiree



Tweet of the Day: Occupation Thesaurus Entry: Human Test Subject


“Sir, our contacts on planet dismissed the intel we provided them.”

“Do we still have eyes on target?”

“We do.”

“Then it is time to activate other assets.”



Estancia House, Arcadian Fields, Libertas, Sphinx System, Argos Rho Cluster, Attican Traverse, September 10, 2197

Vega and I followed Miri at a respectable distance, close enough to be seen but far enough to giver her space to mingle. The elite of Libertas exchanged polite conversation over champagne and hors d’oeuvres. The gentlemen wore their Sunday best, while the wives competed with each other with a wide array of glittering jewelry.

So much for religious humility.

Miranda was not the only one who had bodyguards nearby. Four burly guards flanked Lord Darcy as he made his way through the assembled guests. Four plains clothes militia tried to blend with the crowd but their eyes were always on Darcy. Our target, Alana Petrova, trailed Darcy. She matched Darcy’s artful glad handling of the men in the room with light smooches to their wives.

“Looks like she is more than a member of his entourage,” whispered Vega.

“Maybe she is angling to become the next Missus Darcy,” I said.

Johnson voice came through the comms, “Sir, we are detecting a—interfe—-do you—py.”

<Broadband interference detected. Area-wide communications jamming in progress>

I responded to my VI warning by pulling my gun from my jacket. Before I could shout a warning, the world exploded around us.  A wall of shattered glass cut through the crowed. Thunder punctuated by dozens of screams filled the air.  The lights went out. The only illumination came from the headlights the truck that crashed through the mansion’s eastern wall. Figures armed with submachine guns sprayed the air in wide arcs. I took cover behind a table, put the Phalanx’s laser sight between the eyes of my target and double tapped the trigger. The man’s head snapped back on the first impact. The second round blew through his barrier and exploded the back of his head. Vega landed several shots on another attacker. She went down in a heap. Darcy’s guards exchanged fire with another group of assailants.

“Let me go!” screamed a woman followed by a stream of curses in Russian. Miranda dragged Petrova toward the kitchens.

“Vega take point, I’ll cover you.”

“Will do jefe!”

I took a few more potshots at the enemy before I booked it. Deep black puddles marred the mirror finish of the Italian marble floor.
The wait staff cowered in every nook available to them. We sped past the kitchen into the loading dock only to find the caterer’s truck in flames.

“So much for our exit,” I said.

Gunfire reverberated in the kitchen.

“Help me,” cried Petrova at the top of her lungs.

I pointed past the burning wreck. “This way.”

The grounds were littered with craters and body parts. More wrecked cars filled the parking area alongside the torn bodies of the valets. I picked the closest one that looked intact. My VI worked the security lock.

<Systems override in progress>

“Less talking and more hacking.”

Seconds ticked by as the gunfire intensified inside the mansion.

<Vehicle unlocked>

We piled in. I took the driving seat. The air car zoomed away from the carnage. Several flashes of light appeared  below us.

“Hold on.”

I banked and zigzagged my way through a volley of rocket fire.

Bud’ty proklyat,” screamed our guest of honor.

“At least they are not gunships,” I said.

“The rapid response team can’t be far behind, jefe,” said Vega.

A minute later the VI chimed in.

<Jamming cleared. Incoming transmission>

“Sir, do you read me?”

“Loud and clear, Johnson,” I said.

“Shuttle is on its way to your location,” said Johnson.

“Good work.”

We landed in a snow covered field. The Kodiak came in a minute later. A squad of marines jumped out and secured the perimeter. At the sight of the marines Petrova deflated. We boarded the shuttle and made a hasty retreat from the colony.







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