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TV Tropes Monday: You All Meet in an Inn

Tweet of the Day: Hacking the 5th 

“Start and the beginning and keep on writing,” is a common piece of writing advice. But where do you start, exactly? What if you need a convenient location where it would make sense for the protagonist to meet, discuss the adventure to be had, and perhaps get waylaid by the bad guys all in one scene? Well, then how about, “You All Meet in an Inn“?

Inns, bars, clubs, and taverns are ideal places for both total strangers to meet as well as old acquaintances. Yes, it is a cliche as old as Chaucer, if not older. Even to this day, the local pub is the social focal point of many a English village. And as the tropes points out many a historical event got started at or near such a place. Plus writers love their their drinks, be it coffee, tea, or beer. So if you are a writer nose deep into your notebook, or laptop and you need ideas, you might decide to populate your story with the people around you.

Of course, this is such a prevailing trope (specially in tabletop roleplaying games) that some rule books tell you to NOT start your adventure this way. Others suggest that if you must do so, find a way to subvert the trope as thoroughly as possible. Up to you how you proceed, but just in case, a pint of ale, friendly service, and adventure waits when You All Meet in an Inn.


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