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TV Tropes Monday: Standard Sci-Fi History


Tweet of the Day: A Many Patterned Strangeness 

You heard about the Standard Sci-Fi Army.

You loved the Standard Sci-Fi Fleet.

Now comes the Standard Sci-Fi History!

And one stop shop for all things sci-fi history. It has wars, rumors of wars, great discoveries, and an easy explanation on How We Got Here. It is shorthand that a lot of readers (and not a few writers) expect in their works. In fact, any deviation from it would raise some eyebrows. The history given is concise, covers most of the bases of socioeconomic and technological advance, and answers many a question that would otherwise derail a story if the writer has to stop and explain the details every five pages or so. At the same time, since it is a general view of history, the author can fill in the blanks or modify any part of it as they see fit. I tend to skip WWIII myself, it just seems so Cold War to me. And what I really like about it is that it has all that nice coherency and consistency that I love.

So, deploy your standard historical analogies, this is the Standard Sci-Fi History.


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