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TV Tropes Monday: Absurdly Spacious Sewer


Tweet of the Day: On Light Novels

Absurdly Spacious Sewers are everywhere in fiction, from action adventure movies to the latest video games. There are many reasons for this such as a need for a mysterious location within the city, a fast travel covert network, a place for the unwanted of a community to live (bonus filth thrown in to show how desperate they are), a perfect place for some devious plots to take place, and of course as a gate way to another world. That covers the underground part, but what about the spacious side of things? Well, modern sewer systems are narrow, dark, and due to the nature of the waste the carry, toxic. Not a good place to film or have a player character jump from platform to platform. Not only that, this trope covers almost every under city location available including but not limited too catacombs, maintenance tunnels, abandoned subway stations (it is even a subtrope), and of course, buried ancient cities.

So, if you need an exotic, dangerous, yet convenient location for story just beneath the city’s streets, order one Absurdly Spacious Sewer from TropeCo today!

Mind the glowing green stuff, it is not good for your skin.

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