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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Blood in the Streets of Colorado Springs



ANN News Desk

From Alliance News HQ in Vancouver

September 12, 2197

Blood in the Streets of Colorado Springs

By Amita Quita

VANCOUVER, EARTH– Violent clashes between Neo-Nationalist and counter protesters left 11 dead and over 100 wounded in three way street battles that engulfed the city of Colorado Springs. The day long battle occurred in and around the grounds of the former Air Force Academy as well as several locations in the downtown area. The Neo-Nationalist gathered to celebrate the centennial of the Siege of the Academy. In September 12, 2097, a group of students allied with the American Sovereignty Movement launched a take over of the academy. The 15 day siege ended with a dawn raid by UNAS special forces on the academy grounds. They discovered evidence of a series of grizzly crimes that included torture, sexual assault of female students, and summary executions.  Since the end of the civil war it became a pilgrimage site for a small number of Neo-Nationalist.

During the summer local authorities noticed a spike in Extranet chatter that indicated a larger than usual number of Neo-Nationalist and Anti-Alien leaning groups would converge on the city. An equal or larger number of counter-protesters planned to interrupt the event. While the police executed an intricate plan to keep the two groups separate, the sounds of several loud explosions followed by gunfire disrupted their operation. This kicked of a battle between the two groups that spilled into the streets of the city. It took several hours for the the police, with reinforcements from Colorado State Police Troopers, to gain control of the situation.

The Chief of Colorado Springs Police Department, Marcy Daverou, announced over 300 arrest and an estimated 5 million credits in damage to several local landmarks. Other sources told ANN News that the number of combatants exceeded 2,000.

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