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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 10 (c.3)-Preparations



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Conference Room, SSV Kurks SR-3, In orbit around Libertas, Sphinx System, Argos Rho Cluster, Attican Traverse, September 10, 2197

I reached down to the holo-interface and rotated a top down image of a large house, “Thanks to our new found friends,” Miranda raised an eyebrow, “we know that the cream of Libertas’ society will converge on a party hosted by Johan Damacy, Lord Darcy twin brother and the colony’s Finance Minister, to pay their taxes via filling the Church of the Dominionist Reformation’s collection plate. The good Lord Darcy will be in attendance to thank them personally.”

“And where ever the Magistrate goes, Petrova is not far behind,” added Vega.

“Correct,” I zoomed in a trio of figures on the perimeter. “Now for the security. We have four sets of patrols composed of two guards armed with heavy pistols and a FENRIS security mech. They patrol in two shifts for a total of sixteen guards and eight mechs. We don’t know if there are anymore inside, but Darcy has a personal guard of between two to four plainclothes special police officers.”

Pasha chimed in,”Then you have his rapid response team. Alliance intel is sketchy on the exact numbers but it is estimated that three gunships are in quick reaction alert with an arrival on target no later than fifteen minutes from any alert.”

Vega leaned back against the bulkhead with his arms across his chest, “Figure one is there to extract the principal while the other two fly cover. They could also deploy troops as well. Say a squad each.”

“Which is why I want to keep this op simple and quiet. Emphasis on the quiet. Ideas?”

“Catering could work for cover. It’s a large party and people gotta eat,” said Vega.

“It is simple, but I don’t want to rely on a single ingress and egress route,” I said.

“We enter through the front door,” said Miranda.

I turned to Miranda,”Go on.”

Miranda smirked,  “Considering the tense situation between the Theocracy and the Alliance a clever Finance Minister would welcome a rich socialite with important friends in Arcturus.”

“Going in as the wife of a Spectre could be awkward,” I said.

“I have a catalog of aliases ready with full credentials. And to make my cover more credible, I will need a pair of bodyguards to accompany me. Say somebody with experience in guarding ViPs and an infiltrator would do nicely,” she said.

Vega and I looked at each other. “Sounds like we have our way in as well. Now, how do we secure the target….”





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