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Tropes Monday: Tropes Vs. Women Comes to an End


Tweet of the Day:  The Mismeasure of Media 

Tropes vs. Women, a web series helmed by Anita Sarkeesian has come to an end. Long time readers know that I was and still am a fan of the series due to its concise, critical analysis of tropes in the medium of video games from a feminist point of view. The video games industry needed a series like this and we got it. But the criticism did not escape the ire of those who thought that nothing short of fawning genuflection of all things video games was a threat to their very existence and a direct attack on those who enjoy them. For those of us who didn’t have our heads so far into our own puckers, this series was a refreshing and at times painful look at our favorite pastime.

It also encouraged me to get into the business of game criticism and for that I thank you, Ms. Sarkeesian.

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