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TV Tropes Monday: A Nazi by Any Other Name


Tweet of the Day: Hype and its Consequences 

Yeah, you saw this one coming a mile away, oh gentle reader. Or maybe you didn’t which makes the horror you feel right now that much more tangible. Alas, we shall proceed with the Troping none the less by presenting A Nazi by Any Other Name. You know him, you hate him. You know his style, his rhetoric, his adoring crowds that fill stadiums. Of course, the number one problem of this trope is that it feels a tad too on the nose.

Until it doesn’t.

I mean the real problem with the Nazis was (and still is) that they were a flavor of fascism, one of many that swept Europe and lingered throughout the world until this day. And, of course, history repeats itself in part because people take cues from the past, just like the Nazis did (and many of those cues came from Britain and the U.S.).

Then you have old Godwin’s Law show up. Again, calling everyone a Nazi just misses the point, specially when the real thing shows up. When done well, this trope reminds us that the Past is Prologue.


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