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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Ancient Recording Awes Audiences


From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

September 10, 2197

Ancient Song Awes Audiences

By Joan Calder

TAYSERI WARD,THE CITADEL-  The asari singer Jiala Janios powerful performance of a recently translated song from the Lengk archives found in the Ybarra Cluster (see New Pre-Prothean Culture Discovered) brought the assembled audience to their feet. The 50,000 strong audience gave the performance a five minute standing ovation. The Larathos Institution’s children’s choir joined Janios in the audio visual performance that included holographic imagery extracted from the archives. The story of the Lengk unfolded through the recreation of the journey of an ancient solar barge as it flew past the former civilization’s home worlds. The audience saw images of places, peoples, and species extinct for over 400,000 years standard.

Jiala Janios will join Immu, the Lengk synthetic found in the ruins, in a tour across Citadel space.

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