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Trump vs. Clinton: Different Kind of Awful

Just because Trump is a walking piece of human excrement doesn’t mean that Clinton is perfect, far from it. If the Republicans had fielded a competent candidate, Clinton would be down 20 points across the board. And it goes well beyond things like, “You hate her because she is a woman,” and “If you don’t like her you must be a Fox News junky.”

At a time when the country, if not the world cries out for radical change, in economic and defense policies, a push for true equality and the strength to tackle global climate change, Clinton represents the neo-liberal self-protectionist racket of the last three and a half decades. She stands for, at best, glacial change meant to mollify the on the edge middle class terrified of the chaos of minorities asserting their rights, foreign enemies stalking our picket fenced lanes and invasive assaults on our sexual personhood. She peddles in fear as much as the other candidate and offers no lasting solutions to the systemic problems of a decaying Eurocentric world.

So no, she is not as bad as Trump, but she offers a conservative view of the world that calls out for solutions to problems she is deliberately ignorant of and blissfully willing to tackle with the flimsiest of slogans. In other words, the choice is between setting one self on fire or keeping drinking the poison.

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